Filter pivot table column results in FLG Insights to quickly focus on specific data without having to re-run the report.

  1. Once you have run your report in the report designer, hover over the header of the column you want to filter to reveal a filter icon.

  2. Click the filter icon.
  3. Select the filter control from the drop down list. Hover over the control for more information.

  4. Enter a filter value.

  5. Click Apply.
  6. The column filter will be applied to your report, shown by a purple underline in the column header.

  7. Additional column filters can be added to the same column by clicking Add another. Filters added to the same column use an AND expression.

  8. Delete individual filters by clicking the Remove (bin) icon or click the Clear filter button to remove all filters on the column.

Tip: Column filters can be used in conjunction with report filters which can be useful to filter on multiple fields.

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