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  1. A Partner Settings

  2. A typical funnel scenario

  3. Add totals to a report

  4. Adding a Call Note, General Note, Task or Event to a Lead

  5. Adding a simple Lead Type Action

  6. Adding an external calendar to Forms

  7. Adding Filters to Actions / Using Conditional Filters

  8. Adding Forms to WordPress Sites

  9. An introduction to Appointments

  10. An introduction to FLG Insights

  11. An introduction to Funnels

  12. An introduction to Journeys

  13. An introduction to Voice

  14. API Documentation

  15. Assigning or Distributing a User's Leads to Another User

  16. Audit Logs Report - Advanced Compliance

  17. Billing Explained

  18. Billing Points

  19. Bulk Actions

  20. Calendars

  21. Capturing Leads Using Zapier's Email Parser

  22. Changing the Email Signature

  23. Changing Your Subscription

  24. Click to Call

  25. Collect information from a customer using a journey

  26. Collecting Debug Log Messages from Google Chrome

  27. Connecting Other Services to FLG with Zapier

  28. Create a funnel

  29. Create a new custom report

  30. Create a new funnel chart

  31. Create a new funnel report

  32. Create a new report from a template

  33. Creating a letter

  34. Creating leads by email

  35. Customise the Email Unsubscribe Link

  36. Customise Your Call Outcomes

  37. De-Duplication Settings

  38. Delete existing reports

  39. Deleting a user

  40. Diagnosing Connection Problems

  41. Differences between FLG Reports & Insights

  42. Download a report

  43. Duplicate an existing report

  44. Edit an existing report

  45. Edit the name of an existing report

  46. Email Deliverability & Spam

  47. Email Dropbox

  48. Email Replies

  49. Email Sender Name

  50. Email Tracking

  51. Filter column results shown in a pivot table

  52. Getting Help and Support

  53. Guide to Creating Templates

  54. How to 'Screen Pop' FLG

  55. How to Set Up a Partner

  56. How to transfer leads by hot key transfer.

  57. Importing Leads

  58. Integrating with BrightOffice

  59. Integrating with DXI Dialler

  60. Integrating with the Connex One Dialler

  61. Integrating with VICIDIAL Dialler

  62. Lead Distribution to Referral Partners

  63. Lead Group Set Up

  64. Let us know how we can improve FLG

  65. Let your customer choose and book their own appointment slot

  66. Letter Printing Format

  67. Limit row and column results shown in a report

  68. Messages

  69. Moving Lead Groups

  70. Notify a partner by SMS or Email.

  71. Open FLG Insights from FLG

  72. Open Flow XO from FLG Insights

  73. Open the Help centre

  74. Partner Balance, Credit Limits & Low Funds Threshold

  75. Partner Referral Setup

  76. Partners sign up page - New Buyers

  77. Permission to Email

  78. Pin and unpin favourite reports

  79. Pipedream: HTTP Traffic Inspector

  80. Positioning for Windowed Envelopes

  81. Printing Letters

  82. Problems Using FLG Over O2 Mobile Data

  83. Receiving leads from a third party who is also using FLG

  84. Receiving Leads from Facebook Lead Adverts

  85. Receiving Payments Through PayPal

  86. Refer, Reverse and Redeliver options

  87. Referring Leads to Partners

  88. Refresh the data in a report

  89. Reports Summary

  90. Returning Leads

  91. Revert to an earlier version of a report

  92. Saved Searches & Reports

  93. Schedule an existing report

  94. Search for existing reports

  95. Searching Leads

  96. Sending a Text Message

  97. Sending An Email

  98. Setting Up A New User & User Permissions

  99. Setting up a Web Form to Capture Leads

  100. Setting Up Lead Types

  101. Share an existing report

  102. Sign out of FLG Insights

  103. Sort column results in a report

  104. Sort the reports list on the homepage

  105. Statuses

  106. Switch report types

  107. Tasks and Events

  108. Text messages

  109. Text Sender Name

  110. Transferring Email Templates From Third Party Sources

  111. Trouble shooting system errors

  112. Troubleshooting API

  113. Troubleshooting Web Forms

  114. Upload a document to the file manager

  115. Upload, view and delete documents

  116. Use Flow XO to Automatically Update Contact Preferences for a Lead

  117. Use Flow XO to Capture Leads from Instapage

  118. User Groups

  119. User Guides

  120. User Permissions (View Changes)

  121. Using Email Events

  122. Using LeadsBridge with FLG

  123. Which Web Browsers are Supported?

  124. Workflows

  125. Working with Webhooks

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