Guide to Creating Templates

The Editor Toolbar

The editing tool can be used to create basic or sophisticated templates depending on skill level. Here is an overview of the tools included and examples of templates created with the FLG editor.

Page Tools

The  button is used to switch between the design view and code view. The Code view allows you to work with the html code. A new page button   allows you to add a new page, clearing the existing page. The preview button  allows you to see a preview of the template in a new tab of your browser. 

Clipboard & Print Tools
You have the option to  Cut highlighted content, Copy  highlighted content and there are three Paste options. Standard Paste , which keeps the formatting of the pasted content. Paste as Plain Text  which removes all the formatting. And Paste from Word  which is used for pasting content copied from Word. The Print  option allows you to print the template. 

Editing Tools
You have the option to Undo  the last action, Redo  the last undone action, Find , Replace , Select All  and Remove Formatting 

View Tools
You can maximise  the editor window to fill a full tab or window and show blocks  to highlight block level elements. 

Insert Tools 
The insert tools provide you with the tools to insert images , tables , horizontal line smiley's, symbols and page breaks for printing

Formatting Tools
The editor also provides tools for inserting numbered list  and bullet point lists . You can increase the indent , decrease the indent  and insert a block quote

Link Tools
The link tools provided allow you to insert links , remove links  and insert page anchors

Paragraph Formatting Tools
You can choose to align text to the left , centre , right  and justify  the text. 

Text Formatting Tools
The text formatting tools allow you apply Bold , Italic , Underline  or Strike Through  styling to the text. You also have the option to change the text colour  and select a colour to highlight  the text with. 

Using Tables for Layouts

Tables can provide an easy way to create layouts. The below image shows an example of where tables have been used to create a news letter style template.

The first table was inserted with 3 rows, 0 columns and the border value set to 0. Settings the Border to zero removes the table outlines once the email is sent / letter is printed. 

The second table was inserted into the second row and this has 2 columns and 1 row. Again with a border value of zero. 

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