Show or hide fields in a journey based on conditions

You can show or hide fields in a journey based on the content of a previous field to make the process personal to your customer or prospect and reduce the length of the journey. For instance, only showing fact find questions relevant to a second applicant if there is one or asking further questions on a medical condition if your customer or prospect confirms that it's relevant to them.

Conditions are applied to the field you wish to show or hide - this is called the "child" field. The child field checks the value of an earlier field in a journey to establish whether it should be shown or hidden - the earlier field is called the "parent" field. It's possible to add multiple conditions on a child field. These conditions are OR conditions which means the field will be shown or hidden should one or more of the conditions be met. Conditional checks can span page breaks.

Add a condition to a journey field

  1. Add a field to the journey in the normal way
  2. Hover over the field to reveal the field options

  3. Click the Conditions icon to open the Edit conditions menu

  4. Click Add condition

  5. Select whether to Show this field or Hide this field based on the content of a previous field

  6. Configure the condition by setting:
    • Field - select the parent field using the drop-down. The condition will check this field
    • Comparison - select the comparison operator. Only the comparison operators relevant to the field type are shown. In some cases only one will be available
    • Value - populate the value to check. The format will be relevant to the field type

  7. To add another (OR) condition on the same field, click Add condition
  8. Click Save
  9. A conditions icon is shown next to the field label when a condition is applied to a field

Edit or delete a condition on a journey field

  1. Hover over the field to reveal the field options

  2. Click the Conditions icon to open the Edit conditions menu

  3. To edit an existing condition, update the Field, Comparison or Value as required

  4. To delete an existing condition, click Remove
  5. Click Save

Tip: If a parent field used as a condition on a child field is deleted, then the conditional check will no longer work. The journey editor show a red conditions icon next to the affected child field(s). Until it is corrected, the child field will never appear. It's not possible to add a condition to the first field in a journey because there's no parent field above it in the journey to check.

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