An introduction to Voice

Voice lets you integrate a range of dialler and telephony systems with FLG CRM to give you features such as call logging, call recordings, click-to-call and screen-pop. It increases compliance and speeds up the process your agents and advisers follow for every call with a seamless user experience.


Aircall is an ultra modern telephony system with instant setup, powerful integrations and proven quality. It scales very easily and flexibly so it fits your business today and the plans you have for tomorrow.

Aircall is authenticated at account level which provides access for ever Aircall user on your Aircall account. To connect your FLG account to Aircall:
  1. Click Settings > Users in the side navigation bar.
  2. In the Administration section tick Enable user to manage voice.
  3. Click Settings > Voice in the side navigation bar.
  4. Click Connect on the Aircall integration.
  5. Follow the account authorisation steps as defined by Aircall.
  6. Once connected to the FLG account, the Aircall integration will state Connected.
  7. IMPORTANT: Login to Aircall and navigate to Integrations on the Aircall dashboard. Assign a telephone number to the integration.
An outbound call to the telephone number on the lead or an inbound call from the telephone number on the lead will now automatically create a Telephone Call note on the lead. 

Telephone Call notes can be viewed from the Summary tab on the lead. For more information on the Telephone Call, click Expand to view in line or the View button.

The call recording can be played from the Summary tab via the Play Call Recording button.
The View Telephone Call option provides all the information about the call and also includes a link to play the call recording.
Points to note:
  • If you already have a click-to-call provider configured in FLG CRM, this must be disabled by FLG before Aircall can be set up.
  • Some features rely on matching the FLG user account with the Aircall user account by the email address. Both the FLG and Aircall accounts should be registered using the same email address.
  • If there are multiple leads in FLG with the same telephone number then the Telephone Call note is created on the most recently received lead.
  • If you connect multiple FLG accounts to the same Aircall account and multiple leads across the FLG accounts have the same telephone number then a Telephone Call note is created on the most recently received lead in every FLG account.
  • If the number is not known to FLG or the telephone number is stored in an inaccessible field, the Telephone Call note will not be created on a lead. The details are still held by Aircall.
  • Aircall allows access to call recordings by any valid Aircall user on your account.
  • A call recording is not created if an outbound call is not answered.
  • Manual Telephone Call notes can still be created.
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