Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

  1. General 

    1. Getting Help and Support
    2. Let us know how we can improve FLG
    3. User Guides
    4. Upload a document to the file manager
    5. Changing the Email Signature
  2. Users and Permissions 

    1. Setting Up A New User & User Permissions
    2. User Permissions (View Changes)
    3. User Groups
    4. Messages
    5. Deleting a user
  3. Working with Tasks and Events 

    1. Tasks and Events
    2. Calendars
  4. Insights 

    1. An introduction to FLG Insights
    2. Open FLG Insights from FLG
    3. Create a new report from a template
    4. Create a new custom report
    5. Differences between FLG Reports & Insights
  5. Importing and Exporting Leads 

    1. Lead Group Set Up
    2. Setting Up Lead Types
    3. Importing Leads
  6. Managing Leads 

    1. Statuses
    2. Searching Leads
    3. Adding a Call Note, General Note, Task or Event to a Lead
    4. Upload, view and delete documents
    5. Customise Your Call Outcomes
  7. Working with Introducers and Partners 

    1. Referring Leads to Partners
    2. How to Set Up a Partner
    3. A Partner Settings
    4. Partner Referral Setup
    5. Billing Points
  8. Workflows, Actions and Forms (Automation) 

    1. Adding a simple Lead Type Action
    2. Adding Filters to Actions / Using Conditional Filters
    3. Workflows
    4. Adding an external calendar to Forms
    5. Using Email Events
  9. Email, Text Messages and Letters 

    1. Guide to Creating Templates
    2. Sending An Email
    3. Customise the Email Unsubscribe Link
    4. Email Dropbox
    5. Email Tracking
  10. Integration and API 

    1. API Documentation
    2. Troubleshooting API
    3. Pipedream: HTTP Traffic Inspector
    4. Creating leads by email
    5. Receiving leads from a third party who is also using FLG
  11. Subscription and Billing 

    1. Billing Explained
    2. Changing Your Subscription
    3. Which Web Browsers are Supported?
  12. Journeys 

    1. An introduction to Journeys
    2. Show or hide fields in a journey based on conditions
    3. Share a PDF of a completed journey
    4. Add a custom thank you page and redirect button to a completed journey
  13. Appointments 

    1. An introduction to Appointments
    2. Let your customer choose and book their own appointment slot
  14. All articles 

    1. Referring Leads to Partners
    2. Billing Explained
    3. Setting Up A New User & User Permissions
    4. Lead Group Set Up
    5. API Documentation
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